Paul Austin Ishak
United States
Las Vegas, NV
I started out with a commodore 64 in the early 80's 
as a 7 year old child. Somewhere around the age of 
10 I was writing in Quick Basic. In the late 90's 
I discovered Visual Basic, and I've advanced through 
the different versions since then. In the year 2000 
I graduated from C.E.I. as a network engineer for 
Windows NT and various systems of the time. 
I have also received certification as an electronics 
technician through the US Navy. I have always been 
self-driven to expand my knowledge of Visual Basic 
and various technologies. So in part, my success can 
be attributed to people who share their knowledge 
with the community. For that I extend my thanks to 
anyone who has ever shared their knowledge with me. 
I enjoy giving back to the community, and am always 
looking for the next little detail I can integrate 
into myself to improve how I think about 
programming and problem solving.

Programmer of 29 years.

Recipient of Microsoft Visual Basic Most Valuable Professional Award:

2013, 2014


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